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Marina Video Tour Production  

Marina Video Tour

Every marina offers a unique experience. The best way for a potential customer to get a feel for that experience is through a marina video tour. Starboard Films will work with you from pre-production to the finish to craft a story that tells and sells. 

Primarily, I recommend a one or two minute video tour. The one minute video will have up to 15 scenes and will run approximately 50 to 75 seconds. The 2 minute video can have around 30 scenes and will run about 110 to 130 seconds. There isn't a strict time limit as there is with television commercials. Longer times can certainly be considered but I recommend quality over quantity. Leave them wanting more, don't run them off with a long boring video. Save the minutia for your website or direct follow up conversations. The video is a first impression. First impressions are lasting impressions.

I shoot with a broadcast quality HD cameras. YouTube is now almost all HD and improvements in streaming video are constant. Using a quality HD camera futureproofs your investment and puts you in a positive light.

Here is how it will work:

I will study your existing materials; your website, brochures, photographs, perhaps even a video you already have. I'll create an outline of all the key features and benefits of your facility. I can send you a checklist to help guide me through the outline creation. From all the info I gather, I'll write an informative script that you can review and edit.

That script becomes the guideline for creating a schedule. I budget approximately six to 8 hours for each minute of video. That may seem like a lot of time for one minute but good photography takes time to set up and get right. Plus things don't just happen at a marina with a snap of the fingers. A 2 minute video will likely get 2 days of shoot time. That will give both of us time to have everything arranged with plenty of flexibility. Plus, with 2 days, I'll have 2 sunrises and 2 sunsets to get those prettiest shots that will greatly enhance your video. Two days also gives us some flexibility with weather. You will have the choice of narrating the video or hiring a professional.  

Finally, with plenty of raw video in hand, I'll get to the edit. You'll see a rough cut privately for approval before going into final finishing. Then I'll encode the video to any common current format of your choice for your use on the web. You will own your finished video to do with as you please. Post it on your website and on popular marina and boating websites like Waterway Guide, Marinalife and Host it on YouTube and your Facebook page. Play it on a flat screen TV at your boat show booth. I'll retain the raw video for future re-cutting or creating other versions. I will shoot variations of most shots so I can create a faster paced music video along with the narrated video if you so desire.

Still not sure? Stop by my Why Video page for some very good research on why video is an effective marketing tool.

I have produced over a dozen very successful videos for marinas. Here is a playlist of some of them:    click here


Prices for a Marina Video start at $1200. That includes pre-production planning & research, script writing, shooting a full day in Broadcast HD, editing, and a music track; all burned to a thumbdrive. Animated graphics and professional narration are extra. Travel costs to be negotiated; that isn't as bad as it sounds, I will be available along the east coast USA on a seasonal basis. I carry $1 million in liability insurance. You can find video production for much less, and you'll get what you pay for. How much is one additional seasonal customer worth?

Remember; a poorly done video can actually cost you money by turning off potential customers. You won't get a second chance to make a good first impression. If you're going to do it, do it right. Hire Starboard Films for your marina video tour.

       Call Ed at 248.705.8798 or E-mail Starboard Films for information on getting your Marketing, Boating, Yachting, Sailing, Marina video tour done professionally. 

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